S.O.F.T. I’ve Been to Bali too- Life in ‘UBDY’

Ubud is a mecca for GEN Y yoga freaks, and it is also a pretty town in the foothills of Bali. It’s windy narrow streets festooned with overhanging creepers and vines; lush tropical gardens decorated with an amazing array of chequered covered statues.</p


 At the Yoga Barn, young lycra clad, anorexic, vegan, raw food devotees with dreadlocks, converge for Tibetan gong chanting and hours of yoga, and blissed out awareness;while sipping their alkaline reverse osmosis water. It is like the 60’s all over again- different cast, but same script. I occasionally break out into a mantra…
“I was a hipster, before you were born” ommmmm!

That usually brings a sneer of contempt- as they hop onto their tattooed motorbikes, in their Balinese sarongs and native headdress and jewellery, and zoom off to the next raw food cafe. In fact it is hard to find gluten in this town; no self respecting bogan would survive for long. That gives the place a much nicer energy, than the surfing centres of Kuta and other coastal towns.


On our first day in Ubdy, while ‘The Housewife’ was saluting the morning sun at the Yoga Barn,I ventured out on my own, just to saunter and orientate myself. Like a repeat performance, in many other countries I have been to- (I hide my credit card with my passport,) I joyfully roam my new surrounds with NO money..then realise my mistake in the middle of a village market…aahh. So I stumbled around unknown territory, hot and flustered, unable to even buy a bottle of water; where was that bloody Yoga Barn! Now I was really thirsty and lost. Falling over floral offerings to the Gods, and incense on the broken footpaths, and aproned statues with matching umbrellas- trying to locate the elusive Yoga Barn, The Housewife and money and water,,,,water.

It was not easy to find. It was down an alley , and around the alley, down a copious hand hewn rambling stairwell, and across a courtyard, until I reached the holy of holies; the stairs which led to the yoga shrine. It all ended well, with most delicious raw food lunch, of zucchini lasagne and wonderful juices. There was even a snake slithering slowly across the courtyard. Everyone was too blissed out to panic.


 The food has been surprisingly good. As mentioned the healthy raw food section is catered for in abundance, and the ‘gourmet’ palettes are also provided for. We had dinner at BRIDGES which is billed as a romantic restaurant, and as mother and daughter we were seated in the unromantic back section. Love stuck couples were seated overlooking the river. One couple provided endless entertainment by refusing to talk to each other, and constantly clicked away on the mobile phones. While good, i found it very expensive and the wine prices are really very steep- up to 300% added. We had a fantastic Italian meal at Uma Cusina; the best pizza I have ever had, and a wonderful breakfast at Locavore To Go, and the rest of the time we eat at the raw food cafes; one of which is called Kafe, also owned by the Yoga Barn.

The food at the resort is fairly forgettable, but we often go across the road to a great little local restaurant in a rice field called Adi Asri, which is cheap and friendly. They are so friendly because we seem to be the only people eating there. Mind you, it could be a bustling hive of activity when we go to bed, and bedtime in mother and daughter land is early. No hanging out in bars for us.

The shopping is very tedious- who wants to even look at cheap Balinese tack that you can buy cheaper at home. But I did manage to buy a ‘mother of the bride’ ensemble with matching shoes- that was a bit of a find. Another great buy- hopefully, is my astrological ring which I have ordered from Milena Zu, with many thanks to Adele, who reads my blog..thanks del!

And so the days become blurred. Massage by the pool, manicures and pedicures- which is really handy, because security took my nail scissors, yet again. What do they do with their collection of loot.?make artistic avant-garde sculptures in the staff eating ares.