imageDali’s Theatrical Museum in Figueres is a few hours out of Barcelona, and on the way we also visited the incredible medieval city of Girona. Apparently it is now famous for having been the latest setting for Game of Thrones , which I have never seen! It is also where the book ‘Perfume’ was set.

imageThe Jewish Quarter has been preserved since the Inquisition when the Jews were expelled until post Franco. The warren of narrow streets were blocked, and surprisingly only unblocked in the mid seventies! Quite incredible. The perfect setting for the Game of Thrones.

imageGirona was settled by the Romans and the city walls are built on the early Roman stones. Intricate cobblestoned roads and pathways add extra intrigue to this quaint town on the River Onya. The architecture is a mixture of Roman, Gothic and Medieval.. It also was a pleasant respite from the very crowded, pushy and HOT Barcelona.

imageThen it was on to Dali’s town of Figueres and his Theatrical Museum. Probably not as shocking or outrageous as it was when he opened it..and NO we did not see The El Gran Mastubador. The museum was overcrowded and very hot..full of pushy sweaty tourists, which I am sure Dali would have enjoyed. The cadillac was at the entrance.imageMuch of his better work was missing from the exhibits, but there was still plenty to see, and plenty of other tourists to push. His jewellery was quite impressive. We were on a day tour and met a NZ couple who were impressed that The Panama Hat looked like Kif Richards. We thought they were bogan farmers from NZ, but apparently they were huge Rolling Stones fans..you never can tell.

imageWe then moved to Poblenou Beach and a quaint B and B one block back from the beach. It was complete bliss after Barcelona which was crowded, hot and hassly. In fact I think I will avoid majot tourist towns from now on as I find it all so unpleasant and not an enjoyable experience at all. I am so glad I travelled a lot when younger, and experienced a lot of fabulous places without other tourists.

imagePoblenou Beach is about 30 minutes out of Barcelona and is becoming the ‘IT’ area. A former working class industrial location by the sea, now being renovated and renewed. It is so hip ALL the lifesavers on the beach have man buns.The Ramblas was authentically local,  with no touts or tourist hustle. Locals strolled the promenade and sat discussing the local goss. There were outdoor tables festooning the shady Ramblas, whereas the city was just so HOT.

imageThe beach was packed until the full moon was up and shining. No-one seemed to have a job to go to the next day. Music was blaring and the party was happening, but we couldn’t stay up after a jug of sangria.

imageNow we are off to Doha..waiting in the Qatar Air lounge and winging our way home… Cheers!

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