After I landed at Sydney after a fabulous flight with AIRNZ I then hopped into my car and drove up the north coast of NSW to Cabarita Beach and BOGANgar…it was a long drive with jet lag and I managed to crash into the back of a stationary truck..entirely my fault.

Serendipitously, I had acquired 3 weeks in timeshare on the North coast of NSW- as even after travelling in Canada for months, my new apartment is still not ready-my house is sold and I have nowhere to live…IMG_8411

Cabarita Beach and Boganagar are just over the border in NSW and is another slice of beautiful Australian beachscape. Sadly it rained all week and it was not an ideal time to visit. My ‘Bridesmaid’ from the old days in Adelaide visited  me from the Gold Coast

Pottsville hosted a vibrant and arty market and i managed to buy even more earrings-and another tarot reading!! My weakness.

Mullumbimby the old hippy township was a tad disappointing- with some very strange vibes , and not in the interesting hippy way. The service was unfriendly and we were told there were only 2 cafes open when we counted 8 in the main street afterwards! Almost a touch inbred?

However we loved Byron Bay which we had assumed would be touristy and kitschy. The vegan food was fabulous and service snappy, but it rained solidly. Wall to wall French backpackers -and this was not high season.


Murwillumbah had the vibrant Tweed Coast Art Gallery devoted to Margarte Olley’s work, including her dismantled house. I loved her because she never did any housework and her house made mine look anally pristine! The food at the gallery was a rip off and we were served undrinkable wine, by disinterested serving staff who implied ‘Tell someone who cares!!’ The setting is exquisite overlooking the Tweed River.


Another week and another timeshare, this time in Port Macquarie. I was given  huge apartment with 2 bathrooms and a stunning view over ocean and Hastings River. I checked out Coolangatta with my bridesmaid, before setting off down the coast. There was a busy active vibe there-but I am not sure if I could put up with the humidity.

Wifi has been very erratic and frustrating. Bogangar and Cabarita Beach claim they do not have the NBN connection- the internet only worked between 6.00 am and 7.00 am. All of the timeshares have had 3rd World Wifi.

Port Macquarie has proven to be the most desirable place to relocate to; compared to The Bay- it is almost cosmopolitan. The Glasshouse Theatre has some world class performances, the cinema was showing all the latest art house movies and The Archibald was touring. Underneath my apartment there are restaurants galore and cafes on every corner… and SHOPPING, I have not experienced so many small independent boutiques for women of a certain age, even in capital cities. I have to stop spending.


Discovered some delightful seaside cafes and eateries-so much to choose from compared to The Bay-


Port Macquarie is proving to be quite enticing..more my type of town. I am now off for a week in the penal colony of Pacific Palms, which sounds a tad un-exciting and then back to an airbnb for a month at The Port again.

When will my apartment be ready??

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