Back to Port Macquarie.

It was a a quick 2 hours down the road to Forster/ Tuncurry and another timeshare at Pacific Palms. This was a very long week -as it is quite isolated and the weather continued its cold streak. It’s very attractive waterways did not compensate for the boredom.  I read lot of books.IMG_8505

The resort did organise a wine tour and thankfully the ‘not boring’ types got involved. The highlight was Vila d’Esta organic vineyards, at Nabiac run by an old Hungarian who called us all ‘DARLINK’..and the wine flowed: none of this thimble full tastings . We all got quite sozzled in the afternoon, and ended up at the Pacific Palms Sports Club for dinner.- in senior style unable to drink any more and wanting to have a nana nap.


As you can see the gender balance worked well, as it always does in this age group.

It was with great delight that I returned to Port Macquarie , this time to an Airbnb for a month.  Stopped off at The Other Side Art Cafe near Taree by the Ghinni Ghinni Creek, which is worth a stop if you are passing that way. It had a wishing tree and yarn bombed trees, some interesting art and great homemade cakes.


The fascinating thing for me, in these small country coastal towns-is the great shopping! There are lots of small boutiques with unusual clothing-which is sorely missing from most big shopping centres where the clothes are the same, no matter where you are in the world. Also a fair sprinkling of creative artisans selling unusual jewellery and clothing at markets and small shops.. no trash and treasure here. And.. lots of fabulous bakeries just like in the 50’s! Hmmm the cream buns!


Back in The Port I was invited to BarCapella in the local pub, which I was more than a bit hesitant about, as choirs have that very ‘uncool’ vibe, although I know many seniors thrive on them. This was the best choir experience I have ever had- well- because it was in a pub and everyone was well lubricated and actually enjoying themselves. There was only one song, and it was not a song from my parents era , so most people were dancing and grooving along.


I also went to the Chamber of Commerce’s lunch for Bernard Salt, of the smashed avo fame. He did not mention the importance of a large performing arts theatre in a regional town-and for me it is an essential.. The Glass House Theatre is the jewel in the crown at The Port. Apparently it nearly tore the community apart when it was built -it went WAY over budget (40 mill) and the council was sacked! Not a bad start.

Then the school holidays started with the October long weekend-and no daylight saving- another week of waking up at 5.00 am!.. and The Port was crowded. The Wildwood Blues Festival was on at the Cassegrain Winery which attracted an alternative friendly crowd with same fabulous Australian music- except for one group which must have been added to appease the mainly male, heavy metal followers. That was a long bracket.


It was a friendly happy little event in the Cassegrain Winery-lots of families with young children and a few stoned hippies from the 60’s. It had it all.


The weather has continued its cold streak,, thank goodness for hot water bottles..the house are not geared for winter at all.

Then today I heard the terrible news that the apartments will not be ready for ‘occupation’ until January to February-and me with nowhere to live in 2 weeks.. not sure what to do..stay here or rent in Kiama. A real dilemma.- – and no Family Christmas in the new hoo. I am so over living out of a suitcase..any suggestions?






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