From ‘The Goldy’ to ‘Cooly’.

Ahhh. The Gold Coast-sea, sunshine and sleazy used car salesmen in white shoes, strip clubs, and masses of gawking tourists. Would I like to live here? Yes I think I would.

While visiting The Gold Coast for a month and staying with a local- my former bridesmaid- ‘Madge’-I discovered a different side. Shopping Centres to dazzle, fabulous restaurants, trendy bars and cafes- a variety of entertainment, beautiful beaches and stunning weather.

The Gold Coast Climate Strike was emotional and uplifting, with an impassioned speech from an activist from the Binna Burra Community. The Binna Burra area was a subtropical rain forest which had never burnt before in known history, and was decimated by bushfires along with the historic Binna Burra Homestead. The population of this subtropical rainforest were mainly artists, climate activists, and educated climate aware environmentalists, who are devastated by the loss. ‘The March’ while mainly attended by younger people was also well supported by concerned adults. A peaceful and rewarding experience.

Restaurants and amazing eateries abound-my favourite so far has been ‘Bumbles’ at Budds Beach. It is away from the Hoi Palloi but very close to Surfers Paradise, on the inlet. A delightful mix of shabby chic and French Provincial style with masses of freshly picked flowers and delicious food and coffee.

Friendliness abounds, and most of the locals are relaxed, casual and warm-a reflection of the weather. There is still culture and theatre at HOTA and even the casino has some amazing events. Guy Sebastian was performing there, the night we descended on the Star Casino and were placed at the table out the back next to the champagne fridge.. Coincidence or what!

Sanctuary Cove was worth a visit but it is not where I would want to live. Golf Central with Japanese burning around in their golf buggies. George’s Paragon Restaurant is located here along with some very expensive boutiques as was Marina Mirage and the Palazzo Versace.

The Q1 tower offered fabulous views up and down the coast, including the canals. Our travels were interrupted by some lively lads who drunkenly called out’ Watch out come the strippers” as we waddled past clutching our senior discount tickets.. They need to be careful about what they wish for!!

Burleigh Heads looked promising and we had lunch at The Pavilion overlooking the coast and back to Surfers. It had a ‘Coogee’ vibe, and was very happening at night.

The shopping has been divine-OMG I am so shallow.. and the weather has also been divine.

Trying to think of reasons not to move here.. the humidity could be an obstacle? Next week it will be Coolangatta’s turn…

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