Time Does Matter.. in Coolangatta.

The twin towns of Coolangatta in Queensland (who said they are backwards!) and Tweed Heads in New South Wales, is town divided into 2 separate time zones. Partitioned, by the border between the 2 states-one side of the street is an hour ahead, cross the road and the mobile phone goes berserk not knowing what time zone it is in.

I have enough trouble remembering what day it is-let alone what the time of day is.. Did I go to bed at 9.30 or 10.30?-and worse did I wake up at 6.30 or 7.30..and will I be on time to catch the plane which leaves at 11.30 and arrives 3 hours later in Canberra- and now it takes 30 minutes to fly back here..talk about a Gemini town.

However the weather is fantastic and Coolangatta has a more relaxed vibe than the ‘botox and bling’ of Surfers Paradise-everyone seems happy. The view from our apartment is amazing-just the spot for a G and T-on the balcony.

It was super easy and convenient to catch the train to Brisbane, which is one Australian city I have never visited. One hour and 20 minutes in a comfortable air-conditioned modern train, compared to driving on the M1 and doing battle with parking stations at the end. Met up with an old friend who moved here from The Bay two years ago, and has adjusted to the humidity.

In the other direction is Bryon Bay, just an hours drive away. We stopped off at The Farm as we had coffee at its sibling at Miami-The Paddock. Very hip and alternative, with delicious pastries and everything organic and sustainable, dripping with the ‘beautiful hip people’

I was joined in Coolangatta by my ‘baby’ who is off to hipster Portland to live- she needed a dose of sea and sun before moving to cold and wet Oregon. Then the rain came!!! Our family curse did not let us down..wherever we go on holidays it will rain. She doesn’t need to go Oregon for cold wet weather after all-it is all here.

We sampled all the cafes and restaurants and soaked up some sun ..before the rains..I have been here for 1 month and most days have been beach days-not bad for Australia in Sept/ Oct. The Retro Pink Hotel on the beach was definitely a stand out, between the towering high rises.

To escape the huge heavy downpour we ventured to HOTA-Home of the Arts, where the outdoor performance of HAIR had been cancelled-instead we saw an early release of JUDY, which was incredible. Then finally, we hit Pacific Fair one of the largest shopping centres, which had everything- including GORMAN the Australian clothing range. That cleaned out my savings!

The final day saw us at Koi restaurant at Broadbeach to see the Koi Boys perform, and to marvel at the botox, bling and boob jobs -was everyone a hooker?? Well it was a Sunday-Never on a Sunday!! We were amused by a Kim K wannabe celebrating her birthday and almost upstaging the Koi Boys who took it in their stride -she thought we had come to see her.

I am hoping to move here, even if it is just for a bit of botox!!

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