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The cruise wore a bit thin after a few Neil Diamond sing a longs, trivia and bingo! The boredom was punctuated with dinner at the Chefs Table- organised by our very own ‘Patsy’ and ’ Eddie’ fom AB. FAB! They are 2 very funny ladies out of Sydney…and I mean that in thee nicest sort … Continue reading

I am the chief! Now that my editor’ is no longer free to add to my blog… I am stumbling along by myself…I have no idea how to reduce the photos, or move them to the right places and not really sure where to write the text. Correcting spelling is almost impossible for me..I can’t … Continue reading

Arrived in Vila! Thousands of Bob Marleys and their taxi cabs descended on us upon arrival, intent on driving all of us into town. I immediately proceeded to the wifi cafe-curiously so did the rest of the ship-so we successfully jammed the Internet connection. What else was there to do…but shop of course! It was … Continue reading